Northwest No Interest Loans Scheme


NILS® is a model of no interest loan schemes developed by Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service with a specific philosophy based on social justice principles.

NILS® programs offer alternatives to people facing barriers in accessing low level credit on fair and reasonable terms.

Northwest No Interest Loan Scheme (NW NILS®) will be available by way of capital funding raised by The Hills Community Aid and Information Service Inc.

The NO INTEREST LOANS SCHEME provides an alternative form of credit, rather than emergency relief.

Loans are generally provided to purchase essential items. Loans can be for items such as washing machines, refrigerators, medical equipments or repairs.

Northwest NILS® cannot loan money for reoccurring expenses such as food, rent, electricity bills or debt consolidation.

No interest is charged on loans. The schemes have the flexibility to respond to local and individual needs.

Sport and recreation financial assistance for kids

Do you want to get your kids more involved in sports and recreational activities but find the cost of up-front registration fees and or equipment overwhelming?

Hills Community Aid – HCA is now providing No Interest Loan Schemes (NILS) to assist school aged children and young people to join a sporting or recreational club. The funds are available for residents of North Western Sydney Area.

Please contact us for more information or download a NILS KIT.

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NILS in Circular Credit Action

A project of The Hills Community Aid and Information Service Inc.

Accredited by the Good Shepherd Youth and Family Services NILS®

Worker funding provided by NSW Office of Fair Trading

Capital funding provided by National Australia Bank, Sydney Water and

Commnity Foundation of North Western Sydney







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