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Barista & Job Skills

Barista & Job Skills

Hills Daily Grind offers a variety of targeted training programs to the community including our Cafe Connect Barista Training Program (launched as YSuP in 2015) and Ready to Work (launched in 2021). To date we have graduated over 150 students through our programs!  

Cafe Connect Program is an innovative work-skills group training program offered by the Hills Daily Grind Social Enterprise. Our mobile Cafe Connect program has been designed to assist people at risk of disengaging with school or the community, or with barriers to employment. 

This is achieved through the delivery of a targeted barista training program, focusing on building the practical skills and experience people need to gain employment. This program is suitable for all abilities and ages from 15 years, and is delivered directly from our own mobile coffee van.  

Cafe Connect is delivered flexibly over 10 hours with our dedicated trainers. Students cover theoretical knowledge and lots of practical hands-on training from the first session.  

Some of the units include: 

  • Hospitality hygiene & safety, plus Covid specific training

  • How to extract the perfect espresso

  • Customer service, money handling, P.O.S operation


If you, or a client of yours is interested in joining one of our training programs please send us a referral or enquiry.

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